Hello thrifty lovelies!

The beginning of the school year is always so exhausting that even thrift shopping seems like too much work. I'm going to try to get back to posting now that I'm finally settled into the year. I'll start with sharing some of the fab thrift finds that I put in our "new" dining space. Yeah, yeah... not so new anymore. We've been here a year. But my grandma's house is an ever-evolving project and it's taken this long to be even remotely photo-ready.

cherry pedestal dining table- Craigslist- $100
6 retro school chairs, sanded and stained- Alston's Old Home Place- $30 each
2 cobalt blue office chairs- a no-name thrifting brothel @Jefferson & Marsailles- $20 each
slate blue mid century credenza- Craiglist- $140 (already painted)
silver dresser- East Texas flea market- $50
glass vases and candlesticks- misc. east Dallas thrift stores - $1-2 each
art above silver dresser- free roadside find :)
chandelier- It's actually plastic (but you'd never know it if I hadn't told you) and I found it at a yard sale for $40.

The cobalt and slate blues are a nice contrast, and I love the mix of antique and retro pieces. I can't wait to have another family dinner in there!


Mexico Lindo Bazaar: next on my list

From nbcdfw.com:
This rambling spot is always a trip and can produce as many laughs as it does good finds.

What to Shop: Textiles, furniture that’s ripe for refinishing, and a wide assortment of clothing that usually yields an interesting swimsuit cover-up or bohemian top.

The Details: 10724 Garland Road; store hours are Fri. – Mon. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Salvation Army... wait, really?

In my efforts to create the sweetest digs possible at my new apartment, I've been scouring the Metroplex for good deals. This recently included my first-ever trips to the Genesis Benefit Store, St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, and Salvation Army Family store.

Genesis: really good deals on some pretty dang nice clothes! They had a few pieces of furniture out front and some inside, with housewares, but I'd hit this place for clothes. I didn't find any apartment-worthy swag (but I did get two Ann Taylor blazers-- $10 and $12).

SVdP: First, this place is super huge. Lots of furniture out front and inside. Maybe not the most current selection, but good quality and clean-looking (which is all we can really ask from a thrift store). The housewares section also had lots of the good, the bad, and the weird weird weird. I ended up with a selection of odds n ends, including a big brass tub with great turquoisey patina that will either be a planter or hold my throw blankets. I may go back for a certain table or two. One disappointment was that they had all these wonderful shoes, but none over a size 9 that I could find, and all of them displayed randomly in no particular order. I realize it would be hard to organize by size, but maybe at least have sections? Obviously it doesn't hamper business because there were lots of people there.

Salvation Army: Okay I may be a cheapo but I really felt like I was at the Weirs outlet. This store had by far the most furniture and the nicest set-up; I really felt like I was at a legit furniture store!?? Especially since the prices were the same as a furniture store!?? Okay, maybe not quite as high as each piece was originally priced, but most pieces were $250 and up. For a second-hand situation I feel this is a little ambitious. On the other hand, if I were someone with more traditional taste I'm sure I could have found the perfect sofa for a real good deal. The best deal by far? The dressers/armoires. Beautiful wooden pieces with absolutely no damage/wear. Still a little steep for my thrift-store mindset, but next time I'm shopping for higher-end items I'll hit this place up! They had lots of clothes but I didn't really look very closely... if they're anything like the furniture, they're good enough to attract a wide range of clientele! Last parting note: I really enjoyed the staff here.


Alston's Old Home Place

I accidentally stumbled across this Garland gem while browsing through Craigslist for dining chairs.

The owner posted these mid century "school chairs" that were used in Dallas Theological Seminary in the 60s and 70s. (Not a big fan of the school, but I am for SURE keeping the DTS plaques at the bottom of each chair because that is rad.)

They JUST SO HAPPEN to be the exact same chairs that Kate Spade has in her amazing dining room. And I've been looking for them for over a year. Original ones are actually really rare, or they are astronomically expensive. These beauties were $30 each! Do they need to be sanded and stained a darker color? Yes. Did I already try to sand them and fall onto the garage floor in a sweaty, frustrated heap after one hour without getting great results? Yes. So for the first time in my life, I have decided to take the lazy route and pay for a company to strip them for me. These are part of my collection of "forever" pieces, which are rare for me to find and invest in. (Usually I consider things to be temporary, either because I'm not in love with it, or because it suits the style of the room right THEN but maybe not later, and I justify it because I know I can resell it for more than what I paid when I find something I AM in love with.) And who am I kidding? "Forever" doesn't actually mean "forever", but I have a feeling they're not going anywhere for awhile. I'm doing all the staining/glossing myself and I will post the after pics when I am done!

Back to Alston's...

The owners are a very sweet son and mother duo. The store is actually a house (with it's surrounding land) that she used to live in. The whole place is jam packed full of unique furniture and treasures. Lots of chandeliers, old doors and windows, unique headboards, great dressers and buffets, chairs galore, and tons of metal vintage patio pieces. Perfect for a person with an eye for potential; lots of project pieces. He said yes when I asked if they "wheel and deal", so don't hesitate to haggle!

Alston's Old Home Place
212 North 7th Street
Garland, TX 75040-6303
(972) 272-3970
Open Thu-Sat 10am-6pm


thrifted map art

Maps are cool. They're meaningful. They're graphic. Here's one way you can use them.

Step 1: Go thrifting for frames. Easy breezy. Frames are falling out of the sky, I think.

Step 2: Go to a used bookstore (or a thrift store that has a book section) and buy an old Atlas or large travel book. I found a 2008 Atlas for $1.50 at "Thrift Shop" on Garland Rd and Peavy. It's not listed online, but it's across from the big Garland Road Thrift, with a green awning. *They currently have an awesome 50% off Christmas decor sale, btw.

Step 3: Find a city or state you love, cut it out to fit your frame, and voila!

If you want a big print, cut out the whole state. If you want a smaller print, cut around a specific city or metroplex.


Habitat for Humanity [Restore]

Cabinet Doors for a Dollar? Yes, Please!

Melissa wrote in recently to remind us of the great deals that can be found at Restore, the discount home improvement store that benefits a great humanitarian organization, Habitat for Humanity:

"Calling all weekend warriors. Habitat for Humanity has a great offer: $1 cabinet doors perfect for updating kitchens, baths or office cabinetry. The doors are available at Dallas-area Habitat for Humanity home improvement stores, aka ReStores, in Dallas and Garland, and all funds raised with your purchase will support Habitat's ongoing mission of building DFW homes.

"Updating cabinetry is one of the easiest ways to renovate a room. And, one of the most affordable and eco-friendly ways to update a cabinet is to simply replace its door fronts, re-using its existing frame. Habitat's shipment of 95,000 top-quality, solid-wood cabinet doors available for just $1 each, makes this renovation possible for a fraction of the normal cost. These doors regularly retail for up to $15 a piece. Styles range from raised, flat, and cathedral patterns; stained and unfinished; and standard length to 42".

"Shoppers can also take advantage of more unexpected deals available at ReStores, ranging from new, designer lighting and furniture to laminate flooring (it always includes at least a 20-year warranty). To find the DFW ReStore closest to you and to read about more deals, visit www.dallasareahabitat.org and click on the ReStore link."

Dallas ReStore
2800 N. Hampton Road
Dallas, TX 75212

Garland ReStore
451 W. Interstate 30
Garland, TX 75043

Website: www.dallasareahabitat.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dallashabitat?sk=wall
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DallasHabitat


Goodwill Dallas has coupons?!?

So apparently Goodwill Dallas has coupons that you can print out and use.....Why didnt I know about this???? 

I figured I would share the knowledge and put the link down below :)  Enjoy!!!!



my thrifty summer sale blog

My wee little resale business is running along smoothly. Obviously I can't sell as much or dive into as many projects as I want to while school is still going on, but it's nice experimenting a bit before summer.

I decided to share the link in case any readers are interested. Merch is constantly changing, as I don't showcase sold items, but I wish I had a little list to the side with all the old stuff so you can see how COOL some of it was. Two peach tufted mid century wingbacks in particular- OH man, what beauties. And this really ugly old side table that I turned into a silver "Hollywood Regency" glam piece. Speaking of that, I am starting a customizing option, where you can choose the paint color or finish of some pieces.

So, the blog. Here 'tis.


Click (and buy) if you like. *10% discount if you mention this blog! Ha!

And here's that side table I dug up in the old photo archives :)


on the subject of bulk trash.

Barring total and utter homelessness, rifling through the trash for food and bits of well, trash, is probably not an acceptable activity.

What I am condoning, however unbecoming you may appear from passersby, is to view that time of the month (of bulk trash pick-up in your community) as a potential opportunity to get really awesome stuff. Like cool wood to use as a canvas for art. Or a retro chair (if it's stain-free).

Or this huge amazing painting that was totally warped by the sun, but that straightened out beautifully inside this $10 thrifted glass frame. I absolutely love it. The colors are PERFECT for our new house, and it's just muted and abstract enough to be cool but still sorta traditional at the same time.

In the same pile was this weird clown fella'. Still looking for a frame for him.

You may be teased for your bulk trash scavenging habits. You may look and feel like a loser, awkwardly parking your car on the side of the road and peeking into curbside piles, but trust me that it's totally worth it once you bring your find home and give it new life and purpose. Really.


Writing Desk for Sale

Remember this desk, my pride and joy that was featured on CasaSugar last year?

Well, we are moving in two weeks, and sadly, this desk must go. If you are interested in this desk or perhaps know of someone who might be, check out my Craigslist ad and drop me a line. I'll offer ten percent off the price of the desk to anyone who mentions this blog!