Hello thrifty lovelies!

The beginning of the school year is always so exhausting that even thrift shopping seems like too much work. I'm going to try to get back to posting now that I'm finally settled into the year. I'll start with sharing some of the fab thrift finds that I put in our "new" dining space. Yeah, yeah... not so new anymore. We've been here a year. But my grandma's house is an ever-evolving project and it's taken this long to be even remotely photo-ready.

cherry pedestal dining table- Craigslist- $100
6 retro school chairs, sanded and stained- Alston's Old Home Place- $30 each
2 cobalt blue office chairs- a no-name thrifting brothel @Jefferson & Marsailles- $20 each
slate blue mid century credenza- Craiglist- $140 (already painted)
silver dresser- East Texas flea market- $50
glass vases and candlesticks- misc. east Dallas thrift stores - $1-2 each
art above silver dresser- free roadside find :)
chandelier- It's actually plastic (but you'd never know it if I hadn't told you) and I found it at a yard sale for $40.

The cobalt and slate blues are a nice contrast, and I love the mix of antique and retro pieces. I can't wait to have another family dinner in there!


Anonymous said...

The room looks beautiful! Your posts are always inspiring!

Anonymous said...

you have great taste

deerest said...

New to Dallas - love thrift store shopping so I am going to explore based on your list. Thank you so much!

deerest said...

Luv thrift store shopping so this was a great find! Now I am going to explore.