Salvation Army... wait, really?

In my efforts to create the sweetest digs possible at my new apartment, I've been scouring the Metroplex for good deals. This recently included my first-ever trips to the Genesis Benefit Store, St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, and Salvation Army Family store.

Genesis: really good deals on some pretty dang nice clothes! They had a few pieces of furniture out front and some inside, with housewares, but I'd hit this place for clothes. I didn't find any apartment-worthy swag (but I did get two Ann Taylor blazers-- $10 and $12).

SVdP: First, this place is super huge. Lots of furniture out front and inside. Maybe not the most current selection, but good quality and clean-looking (which is all we can really ask from a thrift store). The housewares section also had lots of the good, the bad, and the weird weird weird. I ended up with a selection of odds n ends, including a big brass tub with great turquoisey patina that will either be a planter or hold my throw blankets. I may go back for a certain table or two. One disappointment was that they had all these wonderful shoes, but none over a size 9 that I could find, and all of them displayed randomly in no particular order. I realize it would be hard to organize by size, but maybe at least have sections? Obviously it doesn't hamper business because there were lots of people there.

Salvation Army: Okay I may be a cheapo but I really felt like I was at the Weirs outlet. This store had by far the most furniture and the nicest set-up; I really felt like I was at a legit furniture store!?? Especially since the prices were the same as a furniture store!?? Okay, maybe not quite as high as each piece was originally priced, but most pieces were $250 and up. For a second-hand situation I feel this is a little ambitious. On the other hand, if I were someone with more traditional taste I'm sure I could have found the perfect sofa for a real good deal. The best deal by far? The dressers/armoires. Beautiful wooden pieces with absolutely no damage/wear. Still a little steep for my thrift-store mindset, but next time I'm shopping for higher-end items I'll hit this place up! They had lots of clothes but I didn't really look very closely... if they're anything like the furniture, they're good enough to attract a wide range of clientele! Last parting note: I really enjoyed the staff here.


Mommyblogger said...

I don't think I've ever been to a Salvation Army. I'll have to do some checking and see if there is one nearby!

Kerri said...

Totally agree about Salvation army furniture prices (I'm too cheap for my own good), but I also agree that if you are gonna hit up Macys for a dresser, you may as well go to SA and save yourself a couple hundred bucks and get a piece that is just as nice.

Anonymous said...

The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift store is great! You have to frequent it to see the latest and greatest selection and they do so much in return with the money that is made off the Thrift Store to help those in our community. Happy Thrift Store shopping!

Geraldine Galentree said...

Thank you for mentioning the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. I volunteered there before it opened and always hope for their success. I love their social media presence and yours, too. I love a good bargain! And there's plenty to be found at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift store for sure!