Crazy for thrifted credenzas!

I think I'm addicted. Here are three pieces that I transformed with some sanding and spray paint. Unfortunately, I only have a 'before' pic of one piece.

Spotted this at Value Thrift. It had a boring oak stain and was priced at $80 (which was actually a great deal, but because I was feeling lucky, I asked the owner if he would go any lower and he said he'd drop it to $50 if I took it that night!) Obviously, I borrowed my dad's truck and took it that night. My favorite part is the awesome hardware. Reminds me of Ebeneezer Scrooge's front door.

This one is a $100 Craigslist find. It was a gross dingy cream color and had been sitting in an office collecting dust since the 70s. Now it's a super cute retro tv stand!

Another Craigslist find- for TWENTY DOLLARS- ended up being a perfect bar/glassware storage piece for the kitchen. Decided to lose the doors and paint it bright red.

(Total- $170 + $20 for spray paint + $10 for sandpaper= $200. That is just silly, isn't it?)


those tricks said...

those look amazing.
nice work.

Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

Love the idea of taking off the doors! I love that peachy/coral-y colour. So pretty!

Mette Marie said...

Looks great! Do you recommend any special type of spray? I'm an old school girl who uses regular paint when painting wood - so do you have any special tips for a spray-debutant?

Kerri said...


Mett Marie- I mostly use the regular cheapo cans at Home Depot, but for white I like the Rustoleum satin "Any Angle" spray, that is a couple more bucks. It just seems cleaner and smoother for those chic white pieces. As for HOW to spray, definitely don't spray too close or stay on one spot too long, else you'll be dealing with sanding off dried drip globs. Spray in a circular or back and forth motion, staying at least 8 inches away from the object. It will seem slow, but it will eventually get covered. Good luck!

House of Hemingway said...

agh! so excited to see this post, this is exactly what I was telling a friend of mine to do for her cool new space!


Crystal said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could share how you prepared the wood for that credenza. The weather is warming up and I am itching to spray paint something! thanks :)